Virtual Assistant Services to Help Grow Your Business

Looking to relieve some of the burden of your office responsibilities? 

Virtual Fellows provides the perfect answer! Our virtual assistant services give you access to a remote workforce that can handle all your day-to-day office responsibilities while you focus on taking your business to newer heights.

In today’s competitive business landscape, you need all the help you can get to succeed. Our expertly trained VAs will help automate your day-to-day administrative duties without adding any of the overhead cost.

Cost-Effective Virtual Assistant Services

Your Offshore Virtual Assistance Experts

Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Service

At Virtual Fellows, we provide top-notch outsourcing solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes. Our mission? Helping you achieve your goals through elite services delivered by a highly trained team grounded in Western practices.

Cost-Effective Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Fellows take pride in providing cost-effective outsourcing solutions to businesses all across North America and Oceania. Our affordable packages sets us apart from the competition.

Proficient English Speakers

Language barriers can always get in the way of getting work done. We only employ VAs who excel at English communication.

Highly Trained Digital Workforce

Our virtual assistants are expertly trained to handle any and all office responsibilities. Rest assured; we'll match you up with the perfect VA for you whether you're looking for a marketing expert, a product specialist or even someone to answer your calls and set appointments.

Our Virtual Assistance Solutions

Social Media Virtual Assistant

Having a solid digital footprint is essential in today’s business landscape. Our social media VAs can handle everything from setting up your social media management tools to creating engaging content and scheduling posts to boost your social media presence. We’ve provided expert social media assistance to many renowned brands and companies. For an established clothing brand in Spain, we managed their social media posts, promotions, and customer messages.

Virtual Administrative Assistant Work

Our Administrative VAs are the masters of efficiency trained to handle those repetitive yet essential office responsibilities. We will handle everything from scheduling meetings to email management and other organizational duties. Rest assured, with us at the helm, your operations will run like clockwork.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

Our virtual assistants provide expert-level support for businesses dealing with complex financials, accounting, and bookkeeping. We manage your accounts, process invoices, and provide regular reports, among other things, to ensure your books are accurate and updated.

Project Management Virtual Assistant

Whether overseeing contractors or large-scale company initiatives, project management our virtual assistants act as your digital task force. They constantly monitor timelines, track progress, and ensure projects reach the finish line on time and on budget. With our help, you’ll boost your project efficiency by at least 20%.

Customer Support Services

In today’s digital world, there’s no excuse for not having a dedicated customer support system. Our customer support VAs are capable of handling and resolving all your customer’s queries and issues any time. We provide round the clock support to your customers through phone, email, or live chat to make sure all queries get answered.

Sales VA Services

Got a product that you want to sell? Our sales expert VAs will handle all the cold calling and email campaigns to bring you actionable leads to help boost your sales.Cold calling is a challenging sales technique that requires a touch of finesse. Our VAs specialize in placing over 150 impactful calls daily to help our clients expand their business.

Virtual Research Assistant

Need targeted web research, data mining, or other advanced online queries handled? Virtual research assistants will be available 24/7 at your beck and call, bringing you the insights you seek for product development, sales boost, or anything else.

How Our Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Service Works

Virtual Research Assistant


We start with a free consultation to determine your needs. We understand that every client has different requirements. This step lets us find the perfect VA for your budget and demands.


After the introduction, you can start delegating your tasks to the candidate. You can also provide additional training if you think it’s necessary.

Onboarding and Training

Based on your requirements, we will match you up with a well-suited VA for the position. We also set up an introductory meeting with the candidate to get you started.


You can use our monitoring system to track candidate progress and efficiency with the given tasks. We also provide regular reports and task analytics for you to review.

Why Choose Virtual Fellows for Your Virtual Assistance Needs?

Business Growth

Virtual Fellows provide you with a highly skilled workforce without any of the overhead cost. So you can focus on business growth while we take care of the administrative responsibilities.

Smart and Reliable VAs

Finding smart and reliable virtual assistants can take a lot of trial and error. With our virtual assistant services, you’re guaranteed to match up with a VA who’s the perfect fit for your requirements.

Affordable Packages

Our clientele includes businesses of all sizes. With a focus on delivering quality over making profits, we make sure you get the best value for your investment.

Customizable Plan

Our virtual assistants are available to work at your beck and call. Whether you want them to work the graveyard shift or during public holidays, we’re happy to accommodate.

Ready to Streamline your Business?

Virtual fellows offers the perfect solution for businesses who need a virtual assistant to handle the daily operations. Our VAs are expertly trained to handle any administrative tasks with the highest levels of efficiency.
Contact us today and let us help streamline your operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We make no compromises when it comes to communication. Every virtual assistant we provide excel in English speaking, listening, and writing.

No you don’t. We believe in keeping things as convenient and flexible for our client as possible.

We offer a free consultation with our clients to discuss their needs in length. Hop on a call with us and we’ll help you figure out what you need even when you don’t know it yourself.

Yes, you will. Once we find matching virtual assistants for your project, we’ll set up a meeting where you can assess whether the candidate is the right fit.

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