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Unlocking Growth with Outsourced SDR Solutions: A Comprehensive Guide

Qualified and professional leads are crucial for business expansion and growth in the competitive world. A professional, experienced and updated Sales Development Representative (SDR), thus, can be your true companion in getting the right leads at a budget-friendly pricing. With the right outsourced SDR solutions, it’s possible to double-up the business.

Professional SDR outsourcing agencies can identify your business segment, targeted customers, market conditions and current costs to generate profitable and convertible leads.  It’s a great way to get B2B and B2C leads.

Studies in Harvard Business Review and Forbes, show that outsourcing SDR functions can increase productivity up to 30%. It frees up the internal team of your office so that they can focus on closing deals. It will ultimately accelerate growth, efficiency and conversion.

In today’s guideline, we will explore the benefits of hiring SDR outsourcing team, ways to find, select and manage SDR outsourcing to boost business.

Understanding Outsourced SDR Solutions:

An outsourced SDR solution is a team of professional lead generators who understand your market, handle leads and analyze the quality of the leads for your business.  An SDR agency provides dedicated SDRs to generate leads and research their information. So, you can work on them to reach and convert into long-term consumer.

A comprehensive outsourced SDR solution typically includes the following key components:

  • Lead prospecting
  • Qualification analysis
  • Outreach through calls and emails
  • Identifying the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  • Information and data management for leads

With these key components of SDR, you enjoy exclusive competitive advantage in the market. So, you can focus on the core business and expand it faster without worrying about leads.

Choosing the Right Outsourced SDR Partner: Due Diligence is Key

The right outsourced SDR provider can sky rocket your sales and business through proper leads. However, it’s crucial to find the appropriate SDR outsourcing agency to maximize your conversion, and ROI.

Factors to Consider for Selecting SDR Outsourcing Team:

When you look for the best outsourced SDR agency, you must research throughout. It’s crucial to analyze their expertise, capability, previous records, etc.

You must look for someone with a proven track record in your business or industry for outsourced SDR solutions. It’s vital that they know the target audience, their demographic, buying cycle, and challenges. The key is to find a SDR that speak the language of your prospects and meet their demands.

Furthermore, check and evaluate the proposed lead generation strategies of the SDR outsourcing team. It can include phone calls, targeted emails, and social media engagement. On the contrary, many industries such as real estates need a personalized approach.

It’s crucial that the SDR team along with your industry requirements with customized lead generation strategies.

Finally, look at the performance metrics of the SDR agency and how they respond to your queries. The key performance metrics, include average lead generation volume, conversion rates, and client satisfaction scores. Also consider, monthly qualified leads and conversion rates to sales-qualified leads.

A professional agency should readily deliver these metrics to you for quick performance assessment.

Beyond the Basics: Validation Techniques

Don’t just stop at checking the performance metrics and factors we mentioned above. Also, conduct interviews and find what technology they have for accurate leads, data security and information management.

Conduct Interviews: Contact the leadership and management team of the SDR agency and conduct quick interviews. You should assess sales and industry knowledge, communication skills, sales knowledge, and cooperative nature of them.

Technology Stack: Consider the technology tools they utilize. Ask them about how they focus on lead research, outreach automation, and data management. Also, their tech stack should seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM system.

Benefits of Outsourced SDR Team:

Hiring a third-party SDR agency brings unique sales proposition (USP) to you.  From cost saving to increased efficiency and business scale ability, SDR teams are here to make your business dream come true. It’s crucial since according to Clutch and Small Big Genius, 60% of USA companies depend on SDR for their initial sales.

Cost effectiveness and saving:

As you hire a third-party SDR outsourcing team, you no more need a dedicated team for lead generations. Thus, it eliminates the cost of recruitment, training, and infrastructure for the in-house SDRs.

Moreover, hiring SDR outsourcing experts from developing countries can save you more than 50% on recruitment and compensation. Glassdoor reported that an expert SDR person gets $73,000 annually. It can be a huge expense for new business and startup.

Instead, you can hire outsourcing agencies during this hard time of recession.

Trained Team and Technology:

SDR outsourcing gives you access to a team trained in lead generation. They can implement the best practices and industry knowledge to provide you with quality and prompt leads. It means that you don’t need to purchase the technology needed for the SDR at office. You can pay a minimum fee and leverage the existing technology and team of the established SDR outsourcing teams.

Scale your Business:

Finally, with the saved time, effort and remarkable leads from the outsourced SDR solutions, you can scale-up your business easily. Also, depending on the market trend and budget, you can adjust the SDR capacity up or down.

Common Misconceptions About SDR Outsourcing Debunked

Many people believe that SDR outsourcing is a hoax and it isn’t as effective as having a team. Plus, people are concerned about data security and quality outsourcing SDR agencies can provide.

Data Security:

Reputable provider such as we prioritize data security of our partners. So, we invest heavily on robust protocols and compliance measures. It ensures industry-leading data-security technology and software. It includes:

  • Data encryption
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Access Control
  • Security and firewall
  • Crowd Strike and Duo Security system, etc.

Quality Concerns:

Professional outsourced SDR team arranges regular and rigorous training programs to upskill their lead generation experts. Also, it adheres to specific lead qualification criteria with detailed report in a user-friendly interface.

For instance, we arrange monthly training programs and always look forward to implementing the latest SDR strategies in our work to ensure maximum ROI for our clients.

Effectiveness Doubts:

Statistics show that outsourced SDRs can deliver high-quality leads.  It converts leads to sales at similar rates to in-house teams.

The good thing is that with outsourcing SDR team, your cost will reduce almost 70% or even more. On average, SDR outsourcing will reach 100 people each day and provide you with 6-7 leads with proper information and qualified analytics.

Best Practices for Managing Outsourced SDR Teams

The key to success in SDR outsourcing is open communication channels. It will ensure that the agency and the business align their goals. The communication can be done through messaging, dashboard, and lead qualification criteria.

The outsourced SDR team must have adequate product training. They must also have sales collateral, and resources to effectively represent your brand. Or else, they can’t understand your business and influence people to make sales from you.

Lastly, performance tracking and KPI measurement is crucial for managing SDR outsourcing teams. It includes:

  • Dials and calls made
  • Conversations or qualified leads booked
  • Average connection rate
  • Number of qualified meetings
  • Sales accepted leads (SALs)
  • Pipeline generated
  • Activities per response for leads

Also, set and monitor the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the outsourced SDR solutions. It will help you identify the problems so you can improve the KPI metrics and progress in the SDR business.

Case Study of Successful SDR Outsourcing Service:

Virtual Fellows have been working with Belong Home. It is among the fastest growing Proptech startup in the US. We are working with them through our SDR team for lead generation and cold calling facility.

Once they reached us, we had a meeting with them to understand their market and target audience. Then, our SDR team analyzed the audience, their demographics and prepared a blueprint for Belong Home. We analyzed their customer behavior, analyzed massive data set and finally started reaching the prospective clients.

After that, our SDR team made 120-150 cold calls every day and passed around 12-15 appointments weekly. We attained quota even during the recission period going in the USA. It increased the sales of Belong Home by 17%.

Our core job was to identify the possible clients, understand their demographic, analyze their quality and make calls out of blue. We would then introduce the American homeowners with the ever-changing rental process. We closely collaborate with their inhouse AE’s and pass warm leads to them.

Our dedicated team worked with remarkable energy, relentless consistency and customized language for each client. It made us successful for such a challenging SDR service.


Outsourced SDR solutions are more effective and practical than most businesses assume. It boosts quality leads and opens up the door for possible meetings and further discussion. With the right SDR outsourcing team, your sales will increase 2X and you can expand your business faster than you imagine.

So, reach Virtual Fellow for your success in the challenging business path with quality leads through customized sales strategy and cold calls.

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