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The Importance of Choosing Real Estate Photo Editing Outsourcing

The real estate market is getting fiercer every day, and attracting customers is the best way to sell a property. But customers won’t visit the property upfront, where you can impress them with its unique points. The best way to grab the attention of clients is to take stunning photos of the property that stand out from the competition through real estate photo editing outsourcing.

That’s where real estate photo editing outsourcing comes in handy. While a third party edits your images, you can focus on customer handling. It saves you time, effort, and money. Also, real estate photo editors can research your potential clients and even reach them through real estate cold calling.

It’s a win-win game for everyone. You get the best version of your property photos at an affordable price, and outsourcers help you with lead generation.

Real Estate Photo Editing Outsourcing

Why Is Real Estate Photo Editing Outsourcing Crucial?

When you run a big real estate agency, managing everything can be difficult. Instead, you can reduce your workload and distribute the responsibilities to different organizations. You can outsource the editor for your real estate images.

Saves money:

Indeed reports that photo editors’ salaries in the USA are approximately $19.34 per hour or around $825 weekly. Instead, you can hire an editor from South Asian countries at an affordable price. This can save you nearly 60% of your cost on real estate photo editing.

Moreover, outsourcing capacity saves office space. It also reduces costs for real estate photo editing. You can use the resources to hire a better photographer or even generate leads to acquire clients. Hence, it’s a remarkable way to boost your business.

Saves time for the photographer:

A real estate photographer performs different roles daily. From going to the property location to taking images and editing, fulfilling all these responsibilities can take a lot of work for a photographer. Instead, real estate photographers can outsource the editors and focus on their core business.

It’s a great opportunity for real estate photographers since they can use the time they save to be more creative in their photography.

Access to Expertise: 

Outsourcing companies for real estate photo editing often work with skilled editors. The editors know how to enhance photos to highlight the best features of a property. Also, they can create a certain ambience. It further ensures consistency with listing styles following your instructions.

Faster Turnaround Times: 

Outsourcing real estate photo editing saves you time, too. Most outsourcing companies offer a faster turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours, which is crucial in the fast-paced world of real estate. With the faster turnaround time, you can get the images quicker and list them in the property listing.

Also, working with outsourcing companies for photo edits means they work in a different time zone. So they can deliver the photos as soon as you open the office. This saves time and keeps the photos ready in a timely manner.

Benefits of Real Estate Photo Editing Outsourcing

Why You Need Stunning Photos for Real Estate Business?

Stunning and visually appealing images are more than crucial for real estate businesses. The photo you use to list your properties on different platforms becomes visible to the audience and future clients. If the image looks dull, the audience will scroll down and ignore your listing.

Conversely, visually appealing images will capture the audience’s attention. This gives you a chance to impress the clients with your property details.

The New American Funding reported that, according to CBS News, people are skeptical about property listings without images or poor photos. They think the real estate agency is trying to hide something, so they don’t provide the photo.

The 2021 Generational Trends Report of NAR found that 72% of people value photos of property listings. This shows the importance of hiring a professional real estate photo editor to transform simple images into stunning visuals.

Moreover, during photography, the lights, angle, saturation, and highlights of the photos may not always be perfect. The right outsourcing for real estate photo editing can quickly correct these imperfections and deliver the perfect image of the properties.

A proper editor can do the following for your property photos to increase their appeal:

  • Brightness, Contrast, and Color Correction
  • Perspective Correction
  • Strategic Cropping
  • Noise Reduction
  • Selective Adjustments
  • Sky Replacement
  • Virtual Staging (Optional)

Real Estate Photo Editing Services:

Outsourcing services for real estate photo editing offers different features. From adjusting the image size to improve its look to blending multiple photos, it includes everything you need.

Removing color casts:

Real estate property photos may have inaccurate colors, unwanted tints, insufficient lights, inaccurate exposure, etc. Skilled outsourcing editors can correct these imperfections. They can rectify the color casts and bring a balanced look to improve clarity.

360-degree panoramic view:

The panoramic view gives the clients a proper idea about the property. Editors can blend multiple images, add animation effects, and transform the images for better panoramic views. It could be done using software and the editors’ deeper knowledge of the real estate industry.

Sky and floor plan change and conversions:

Editors can change the sky in the background to bring a realistic vibe to the images. Also, they can replace gloomy skies with brighter ones. It ensures that the photos look vibrant and eye-catchy. On top of that, outsourcing editors can change the floor layout and plan.

Also, they can add layers to it, following the instructions of the real estate agencies. This offers you more opportunities to discuss the property layout with customers.

Image blending and stitching:

Outsourcing editors for real estate companies can stitch multiple panoramic images to improve their clarity and details. They can further blend multiple images and layers to enhance their crispness. It is better for improving the light settings, exposure, highlights, and HDR of the property images.


Real estate photo editing outsourcing can save you time and help you boost your image. With perfectly edited images, you can list the properties with stunning visual appearances. It will grab the attention of the customers. Moreover, better property images improve brand value, which works in favor of your real estate business.

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