Tales from the Trenches: Real Estate Mavericks Share Their Outsourcing Adventures

Real estate is a challenging business where everyone remains on their toes. It’s crucial to connect with the audience, understand their needs, and offer fair pricing. It becomes even more critical to manage real estate properties and connect with clients simultaneously. Thus, connecting to real estate outsourcing agents can be genuinely helpful.

Over the last few months, we have worked with 10+ real estate clients, and they have seen excellent growth. They have shared their experience working with us. Also, many real estate agencies have worked with different cold callers for potential leads.

Today, we will share their experience, thoughts, and suggestions for real estate outsourcing, cold calling, and their outcomes.  

Lessons Learned Real-Life Stories of Outsourcing Triumphs and Tribulations

Real estate is a critical business, particularly with the ongoing recession in America. Thankfully, outsourcing companies help realtors cut down their costs and boost sales. Bond Street Partners is one of the leading residential real estate agencies in California. Its team of 14 members focuses on real estate. The company generated $785 million in sales in 2023. So, did it on its own?

Real-Life Stories of Outsourcing Triumphs and Tribulations
Real-Life Stories of Outsourcing Triumphs and Tribulations

No! In fact, they work with different real estate outsourcing agencies to generate leads, find potential clients, and suggest to Bond Street Partners whom to target.

They once said that outsourcing real estate cold callers has reduced their costs by 34% and improved their ROI and conversion by 19%. It has also helped them to keep their team small. So, for them, it has become easier to manage the team. And what benefits does it bring to you? It has helped them with:

  • Working in a smaller space and saving on rent and service fees
  • A smaller team means their payout cost is less, and it increases their profit
  • The team can focus on managing their properties instead of investing time in finding clients

They even hire professional photo editor outsourcing farms to edit their property images. It has enabled them to get stunning images at lower prices.

Another notable realtor in California is the AKG – AKG Christie’s International Real Estate. They sold a staggering property worth $ 2 billion in 2023 alone. The company mostly operates in Southern California and also works with different real estate cold callers and photographers. Their CEO, Aaron Kirkman, focuses on a smaller team and outsourcing everything else he can get. From outsourcing the agents to getting the cold calling outsourcing and real estate photo editing services, we do all. Their main team focuses mainly on managing the properties and connecting and meeting with the potential clients they get from cold-calling agencies.

These are two of the top agencies in California that have worked with real estate outsources and achieved greater success.

HPI Real Estate Services, on the other hand, works in Houston and has served over 1000+ clients. They outsource real estate services mostly from South Asia to cut their costs. They have reached 1500+ potential customers through third-party real estate cold callers. The realtor has converted almost 250+ into clients and sold residential and commercial spaces to them. It shows how cold calling is crucial, with a conversion rate of 17% or more.

It’s a great success story about how cold calling, real estate video editing, and photography can benefit you. So, are you up for the big game to outsource a perfect real estate agency and skyrocket your business profit and ROI?

Insider Insights Expert Advice from Those Who’ve Mastered the Art of Real Estate Outsourcing

Real estate outsourcing has shown excellent performance and brought remarkable success stories for American realtors. However, outsourcing for real estate companies is a challenging game. It needs a lot of perseverance, patience, and different skill sets.

Regarding this, the amazing team of Virtual Fellows and their leader suggested:

“Real estate outsourcing needs to be on its toes always. We work with real estate cold calling and invest 12 to 14 hours to find potential clients. We go through their portfolios, wealth, and lifestyle and then talk to them personally through different mediums. Once we find a potential client, we forward it to our real estate clients. Typically, each day, we make 100+ calls and convert 10-12 people into actual clients.”

Real estate photo and video editing is another crucial part of the outsourcing services. It needs to be impressive and engaging and portray the language of the local clients. Regarding this, the real estate photo editor of Virtual Fellow mentions:

“Photo editing for real estate is a creative yet highly challenging job. From photo masking to removing color casts, 360-degree panoramic view, and changing the floor plan and sky, we focus on every detail with immaculate accuracy. The key is to connect with the targeted audience and communicate with them through the language of photography for realtors.”

As you see, real estate outsourcing is a critical task. The service needs to be on-point always. If you need a reliable and performing real estate outsourcing company, be careful. You can focus on their team, skill level and experience of the team, their budget for each potential client conversion, etc.

The best way to set a meeting with the real estate outsourcing service agencies. You can ask them about their past works, success stories, and how they handle clients through cold calling and reporting processes. The most successful outsourcing companies for realtors should offer you detailed insight into their success stories, graphs, reports, and a detailed dashboard. With this information, you can quickly decide on the best realtor outsourcing company for your business.


Real estate outsourcing is genuinely an adventure. It’s like reaching Mount McKinley in Alaska through a long walk where we meet with different surroundings. During this adventurous journey, we analyze the clients, bring out their insights, and serve the information to the realtors. Sometimes, it is an excellent success story, and another day, it turns out to be a good lesson.

The key is to continue with patience and perseverance and go forward as we advance with the technology and new strategies. With it, Virtual Fellow has genuinely grown into a reliable agency for realtors to increase their ROI, conversion, and profit.

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