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SDR Outsourcing

Build a Stronger Sales Pipeline with Higher Efficiency and with Less Cost.

Our experienced SDR’s understand the advanced level of sales, and we are great at opening the call, looping-overlooping the conversation, handling objections, and closing the deal. Most importantly, our SDR’s smile and make every call with their full energy and dedication. Every member of our sales team is trained in industry best practices to make successful cold calls and book qualified sales meetings. SDR outsourcing

Experienced SDRs with modern outbound expertise for companies and growing startups.

Our cold calling process includes multiple steps of quality control to ensure leads and appointments meet certain standards. This is a collaborative process to make sure we create a strategy that fits each client’s specific needs. Our cold calling service starts with hiring the most motivated and experienced SDR’s. Our cold calling services provide verified direct phone numbers after cold outreach to ensure a high dial-to-connect rate, and our outsourced SDRs can even handle inbound requests and book meetings in real time. We have sales managers and quality assurance specialists who listen to calls daily and have weekly coaching sessions with all of our reps to ensure high levels of calling skills and success.

Custom Script & Strategy

Custom cold calling scripts crafted using our H2H Sales Script Methodology and your unique value proposition

Multiple Calls & Touches

Multiple rounds of calls to increase conversation rates and appointments by experienced cold callers

Regular Feedback Sessions

Frequent meetings to analyze and optimize the campaign variables to continuously improve results

Qualified Appointments

Set appointments with decision-makers that meet pre-determined qualifications to provide quality opportunities
We view each call as an opportunity for business growth, not a roadblock. Our cold calling agents use trademarked cold calling scripts specifically crafted for introductory cold conversations and deploy strategic engagement techniques. This captivates prospects, maximizing the impact of every call. We also stay abreast of varying regional regulations, ensuring our prospecting practices are fully compliant, reducing your risk of non-compliance. With us, you can go beyond comprehensive solutions, encompassing everything from account analysis to appointment setting and experience resource optimization. This assures cost efficiency, eliminating operational hassles. Ready to conquer challenges that deter your progres

Scale your Outbound Prospecting

Real Estate Empire through Outsourcing

SDRs with experience across many industries

Faster ramp-up than your typical SDR hires

Tested and proven playbooks by SalesPipe

Our cold-calling Calling Experts are dialing each and every call with their full energy and dedication


Our reps make over a hundred calls per day, leave voicemails and send personalized follow-up emails to ensure we are getting enough meaningful outbound touches on your prospects to drive results. 


When it comes to training our reps, we believe in quality over quantity. Our enablement team works hands-on with small groups to ensure each rep retains the soft and hard skills needed to be a successful cold caller.


Our reps are armed with industry-leading B2B contact data, enabling them to see more than double the industry standard connection rate and engage in more conversations with target prospects every day.

At VirtualFellows, we provide several benefits for your business, particularly if you're looking to expand your sales efforts or improve your lead generation process. Here's how an SDR outsourcing company can help you:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Outsourcing your SDR function can be more cost-effective than hiring and training in-house staff. You can often find competitive rates for outsourcing services, and you won’t have to worry about additional expenses such as salaries, benefits, and training.
  • Expertise and Experience: Our SDR’s are experienced in lead generation and sales prospecting. They typically have teams of trained professionals who are experienced in outbound calling, email outreach, and other lead generation techniques. This expertise can lead to more efficient and effective lead generation efforts.
  • Scalability: Outsourcing allows you to scale your sales efforts up or down as needed. If you experience a sudden increase in leads or need to ramp up your sales efforts quickly, an outsourcing company can provide the resources to accommodate your needs without the time and expense of hiring and training new staff.
  • Focus on Core Activities: By outsourcing your SDR function, you can free up your internal team to focus on their core activities, such as closing deals and servicing existing customers. This can lead to increased productivity and better overall performance.
  • Flexibility: Outsourcing allows you to customize your SDR strategy based on your specific needs and goals. Whether you need help with cold calling, email outreach, appointment setting, or lead qualification, an outsourcing company can tailor their services to meet your requirements.
  • Improved Results: Ultimately, the goal of outsourcing your SDR function is to generate more leads and increase sales revenue. With their expertise, experience, and focus on lead generation, an outsourcing company can help you achieve better results than you might be able to accomplish on your own.
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