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The National Association of Realtors estimated that the US real estate market will grow to US$119.80tn by 2024. This huge market offers remarkable opportunities for realtors and real estate agencies to make a sizable profit. However, to do so, you must have the right real estate cold-calling facility to acquire customers.

Real estate cold calling is crucial to establishing a relationship with prospective consumers, understanding their needs, and analyzing how to reach them. Statistics show that effective and engaging real estate cold calling can contribute 50% of overall sales.

It shows the significance of finding a reliable, affordable and efficient cold-calling or telemarketing agency that can genuinely help your business.

Real Estate Cold Calling

What Is Real Estate Cold Calling?

Real estate cold calling is a business strategy for finding, reaching, and continuing conversations with possible buyers over the phone. Cold callers find the numbers in the phone directory and politely introduce themselves when people pick up their calls.

If the person appears to be a potential customer, the caller will briefly discuss the real estate plans that might fit their budget and requirements. Although 1 to 3 cold calls receive positive feedback, it’s a great way to reach new customers.

Also, realtors can better understand the market through polite, engaging, and comprehensive cold calls. This helps them adapt to new strategies that their consumers are looking for.

The Importance of Real Estate Cold Calling:

Cold calling in real estate is time-consuming, challenging, and requires much effort, so many realtors find it a waste. However, proper cold calling can genuinely improve your ROI in the real estate business and deliver unthinkable results.

Through cold calling, reallots can connect with people. It helps them acquire information about clients, their changing requirements, and market trends and adapt to them. Also, with it, you can refine the list of your customers and reach out to the most potential ones.

Thus, cold calling is extremely crucial for lead generation, which further leads to consumer acquisition. It’s the first step in your business and sales funnel, persuading the customer to reach the end goal—a sold home or property.

Another overlooked but great benefit of cold calling for real estate is affordability. When you develop a marketing and sales team to reach consumers physically, it can be costlier than you imagine. Instead, one or two tele-callers can reach more clients, and that too at 40% of the cost. You can even hand over the job of cold calling agents with your business briefs and list of possible clients. It can reduce your cost of customer acquisition by 25%.

Tips To Make Effective Cold Calls for Better Results:

Undoubtedly, real estate cold calls boost ROI, reduce cost and improve your connectivity. However, the effectiveness of the cold calls depends on an engaging introduction, concentration on listening, clear conceptions and efficient CTA.

Engaging Intro:

Start with a brief but engaging and informative introduction in a cheerful tone. It’s your weapon to impress the person and continue the discussion further. The goal of the introduction is to develop a positive connection with the person.

For this, consider:

  • A positive and cheerful tone and salutation
  • A compelling brief about the real estate company
  • A clear but concise purpose of your call

Listen attentively:

Always listen to the person attentively and actively. Don’t interrupt during their discussion. According to Harvard Business School, people consider interruptions disrespectful and undervalue the opposite person.

So, listen carefully, understand what the person has to say, and respond accordingly. As agents listen actively, they can gain more insights and personalize the offers to meet their requirements. This improves sales by 23%.

Deliver Practical Value Proposition:

Don’t just continue the discussion without adding real value. Remember that people are busy and value their time. Thus, focus on creating and delivering the right value proposition to grab the client’s attention immediately.

You can choose the following options:

  1. Understand the problem of the client and offer a solution to it
  2. Mention what you can offer, such as luxury or affordable properties, quick deals, etc.
  3. Briefly talk about why you are different from other realtors. It could include your expertise in indoor designing after sales, certifications, etc.

Also, ensure that you are completely with the customer and impress him. Once you hear about their problems, you can say:

“I’m completely into your problem of finding great but affordable housing. I have a list of budget-friendly homes in your neighbourhood that can be a great deal for you.”

Advertise Yourself:

As you create a value proposition, focus on marketing and advertising, too. Briefly discuss your real estate companies’ recent sales, customer satisfaction, and how you keep up with market trends. If possible, provide a reference that people can connect to get actual feedback.

Such subtle advertising improves impressions and brings better sales. However, don’t boast of your sales or achievements; instead, take a polite approach.

Be ready for questions and answer confidently:

Consumers will ask many questions before making any decision. So, ensure that the real estate cold callers know your business’s ins and outs. They should be ready with statistics, pricing, needs, and related information about your company and the locality.

Also, delivering the information confidently is the key. A cold caller who is confident is more likely to complete the sales.

Offer tailored solutions and CTA:

Never rely on a templated call to action and solution for your real estate clients. Instead, listen to their problems and offer customized solutions. For instance, a Californian client may look for a 3-room apartment near a hill but has a limited budget. For his problem, the possible solution and CTA could be:

“Sir, we have three properties near the Grant Grove Village, right beside the hill. It’s a 55-minute drive from Fresno, the heart of California. They come within your budget, and we can help you with the house loans once you agree.”

It’s a remarkable way to build relationships with clients through real estate cold calling.


It might take tens to twenty calls to convince a person to make a sale, so don’t rush. Have patience and follow up with the client for any updates. Even if your conversation doesn’t convert to sales after repeated follow-ups, stay motivated.

You might create a customized plan for the person in the future. So, following up with practical options and a positive tone is critical. Harvard Business Review suggested that proper follow-up can boost your conversion and ROI by 30% or even more.

Final Words:

Effective and engaging real estate cold calling with a customer-centric approach is crucial for the real estate business. It’s a cost-effective yet proven strategy to find potential persons and convert them to clients through the sales funnel.

Our team, with a deep understanding of the American real estate market and trained callers, is ready to help you with the cause. So, reach out and see how we can bring positive changes in your real estate business through our streamlined, efficient, and result-oriented cold calling services.

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