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The competition in the business landscape is getting more and more fierce these days. Making a sale has never been so difficult as compared to recent times. Especially, after the global pandemic, people’s buying patterns have changed considerably. To resolve this issue and to make business more profitable, companies are using every channel available to take their business in front of people. SDR outsourcing

While some channels like search engines and social media platforms may be delivering good results for a while when it comes to sales, at the end of the day, people these days want to buy from a “person”. They want a human to talk to them, identify their problems, and provide them with solutions.

For this reason, the importance of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) has increased exponentially. They are playing a pivotal role in driving revenue growth for businesses. However, companies are faced with a classic dilemma when they are planning to appoint SDRs – Should I hire in-house or outsource? Let us help you find the right answer considering your situation.

Understanding The Role of SDRs

SDR, as we have stated before, stands for Sales Development Representative. So, in easy words, the primary role of an SDR is to develop your sales. But how do they do it? The simple answer is – by generating and nurturing leads. They use multiple channels and tools to connect with the prospects and send them to the internal sales team to close the deal.

What is Their Work Process?

The work of an SDR starts from prospecting the leads and ends in actual sales. Here is a step-by-step guide on how they operate:


This is the initial stage where they identify potential leads who might be interested in purchasing the company’s products or services. They use multiple sources such as databases, social platforms, peer groups, and professional networking sites to find these leads.

prospecting for leads

Initial Outreach

When the leads are confirmed, SDRs reach out to them using different channels like cold calling, cold emailing, or personal messages. The goal is to establish the primary contact and start the conversation.


While discussing with the leads, SDRs try to look for their needs, their challenges, and their pressure points. They will then use this information to understand if they are a good fit for the products or services the company is offering.


A whole bunch of activities are needed for the leads who are fit to buy the products but are not buying them yet. These activities, in general, involve constant communication, providing accurate and valuable information, and positioning the company as a trusted source of mitigating their concerns.

Hand Over to the Sales team

Once the leads have agreed to make the purchase, SDRs hand them over to the sales team who then closes the deal. 


Since the most important factor for SDRs is their relation with the prospects, they do regular follow-ups with them to know about their experience with the product, or the company. They also address any issues or concerns the prospects might have so that they can convert them into loyal customers in future.

Why is SDR Outsourcing a Wise Decision?

why SDR outsourcing is a wise decision

The idea of outsourcing has been gaining more and more popularity.

At present, 68% of US companies prefer delegating their services including SDR to a third-party company.

The number for the UK business market is 48%.

Why is it happening? Let’s learn about the major reasons here:


When companies outsource their SDR functions, they don’t need to recruit and train an in-house team. They don’t need to pay off their salaries and benefits. Instead, making a contract with a third-party comes with a lot less cost. According to Glassdoor, the total pay range for an SDR is $86K – $142K, whereas you can outsource your tasks at a much cheaper rate.

Expertise and Experience

SDR agencies have special skills, knowledge base, and tools to carry out your lead generation tasks effectively. They continuously refine their techniques, stay updated about the latest trends, and know about the best practices for outbound sales. When you hire one of these agencies, you are leveraging their skills and experience. It’s just like hiring a champion to fight for you in the ring.


Outsourcing allows you to increase or decrease your sales efforts in response to the changing market situation. Startups and growing SMEs find this flexibility very beneficial. You need more staff on your sales team – just ask. You need less staff, there you go! It’s all just a call away.

Focus on Core Activities

Since the majority of the sales tasks in already outsourced, companies can put more focus where they should – the product/service development and after-sales services. Instead of managing a large chunk of human resources, the internal team can dedicate themselves to making the business grow.

Reduced Risk of Compliance-Breach

SDR agencies are well-versed in what they do. They know about all the regulations and policies, ensuring that your lead generation activities don’t go behind the guardrail. When you partner with a reliable and reputable agency, you alleviate the risk of fines or legal issues due to the breach of any law.

Easy Market Expansion

Joining hands with SDR agencies lets you explore new markets for your business. As they have a global reach and experience in working with diverse demographics, you can take advantage of their networks and expand globally.

How Virtual Fellows Can Help Your Business Grow?

As a pioneer in the industry, we realize how important a sales pipeline is for your business growth. For that, we provide premium SDR services to help you build a sales pipeline at a reasonable cost. Here’s how we can support your business growth:

Modern Outbound Strategies

Our team has a deep understanding of advanced sales techniques. From the opening call to closing the deal, we will dedicate all our efforts to ensure superior results for you.

Customized Approach

Every business is unique. That’s why we tailor our cold-calling strategies to fit your specific needs. From custom scripts to strategic engagement, we collaborate with you to make you the ultimate winner.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to excellence ensures that our team maintains a high level of skills and success rates. We also analyze campaign variables and optimize our approach for continuous improvement.

quality assurance in SDR outsourcing

Scalability and Efficiency

Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, we will offer the scalability and efficiency you need for success. We employ tested playbooks by SalesPipe to help accelerate your growth.

Let’s Get You Succeed

Want to know more about how we can help you excel in the business world? Just get in touch with us and talk to one of our experts today! You can call us at +1 650 781 5792 or send us an email at and we’ll get back to you in the shortest possible time. Join us on the road to success.

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