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If you are a real estate business owner, you already know the shoreless benefits of call center services in this industry. From answering client inquiries about property details to scheduling property tour appointments, a competent call center team can handle it all.

However, today’s digital real estate landscape requires 24/7 customer service, and unfortunately, small to medium agencies cannot afford such a giant in-house team with higher operation costs. 

Besides, they face multifaceted challenges in building seamless relationships between buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords.

This is where the concept of outsourcing real estate call center services steps in as a strategic solution for thriving real estate businesses.

Not only does it help eliminate the cost of upfront investments in physical infrastructure, but also streamlines significant business growth by satisfying potential clients. 

So, if you are looking forward to hiring an efficient call center service provider, this article would be of great help. Here we will walk you through the following-

  • Why call center outsourcing is important for real estate business
  • How it impacts customer satisfaction
  • The challenges in outsourcing call center services
  • Tips to partner with the right call center service provider 

So, let’s dive into the details!

Impact of Call Center Services in Real Estate: A Brief Overview 

Real estate, as a client-centric business, heavily relies on unfailing customer support. Therefore, every call counts here.

Whether it’s about informing a potential new buyer about property listings or attending a follow-up call with an old customer, call center services hold paramount importance in offering a satisfying customer experience.

Plus, cold calling, giving appointment reminders, providing property management support, handling tenant inquiries, updating sellers about their listings, sharing recent market insights, conducting surveys for lead generation, and scheduling property viewings; all these aspects need a prompt professional response to leave positive remarks on the prospects. 

Only trained and efficient call center staff can manage such a multifaceted workload conveniently.

The growth of the real estate sector doesn’t solely depend on property touring, rather these repetitive attempts of making external calls/ taking internal calls are equally important to convince prospects to become buyers. 

A study shows, 93% of customers make repeat purchases from companies with excellent customer support. [1]

And 78% of potential clients usually back out of a purchase if they experience poor support. [2]

Therefore, providing unmatched client service is the way call centers allow real estate agents, brokers, or business owners to freely take care of other core activities.

No wonder real estate companies are actively outsourcing call center services to achieve superior operational efficacy. 

Why Should Real Estate Agencies Outsource Call Center Services?

Before we delve deep into the myriad benefits of outsourced real estate call centers, let’s learn some interesting facts.

Over 60% of real estate companies outsource the majority of their call center tasks, Deloitte research says.

According to Statista, outsourced call centers provide an average of 85% customer satisfaction compared to 75% for in-house operations. 

The global call center outsourcing market is expected to reach $172.77 billion by 2030. [3]

But why are realtors so fascinated with outsourcing customer support services from third-party providers? Let’s break down the reasons below:

Notable Cost Cutting

One of the major benefits of call center outsourcing is cost-cutting. Companies don’t have to spend a fortune on hiring and training employees, managing office space, buying equipment, paying for technologies, etc. Thus they reduce operational costs to a significant extent, sometimes up to 60%. [4]

Access to Specialized Skill Set

Those third-party service providers are extremely skilled with advanced real estate knowledge for managing customer relationships conveniently. Moreover, they have a professional level of expertise in call center management providing industry-standard customer support. Outsourcing their services, therefore, allows realtors to accelerate their business growth.

24/7 Personalized Support

As stated above, real estate queries need prompt professional responses from industry experts. Outsourced call center reps always make sure that clients’ inquiries are immediately addressed by offering 24/7 availability. They also ensure that every individual gets customized support based on their queries.

Point to be noted, this round-the-clock support continues even if your business is closed for the day. What an amazing thing to have such a dedicated team, isn’t it? 

Focus on Core Responsibilities 

By managing mundane duties like attending customer calls, outsourced call centers free the real estate firms/agencies to focus on their core activities. Instead of leading an in-house support system, they can, therefore, plan and implement new strategies for improved business operations. This saved time and effort can exponentially grow the real estate sales funnel.

Scalability and Flexibility 

The ever-evolving real estate landscape needs maximum scalability and flexibility for fruitful business outgrowth. Thankfully, outsourcing service providers adapt to the changing needs of this field quite well.

Suppose, you need to increase the number of call center agents during the peak hours of your business. Now what to do?

Absolutely nothing if you partner with a professional service-providing company. They have adequate human resources to cope with emergencies.

Similarly, you can decrease the number of agents based on the reduced volume of calls.

Advanced-Data Management 

Usually, outsourced call centers have advanced technological support for improved data management. They can instantaneously collect prospects’ valuable information during calls and utilize that information for an effective marketing campaign later. 

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Do you want your real estate business to stand out in the market? Collaborate with a highly efficient call center team to maintain superior customer experience. From pre-purchase guidance to post-purchase aid, a skilled customer support team will never disappoint your clients, be it an investor or a buyer. 

And customer satisfaction, without a doubt, is the ultimate key to building long-term relationships in the real estate business. It’s the only way to ensure repeat business.

Outsourcing Call Center Services for Real Estate: The Challenges

Despite offering a plethora of advantages, real estate call center outsourcing does come with some challenges, especially in terms of offshore outsourcing. The challenges include the following-

  • Communication gap due to language barrier
  • Time zone difference due to geographical distance 
  • Lack of consistency and quality in services violating company standard 
  • Third-party service providers may raise privacy concerns regarding customers’ personal data

How to Select the Right Call Center Outsourcing Partner

Choosing the right outsourcing partner is crucial in expanding your real estate business, irrespective of the business scale. Here are some pro tips to find the right outsourcing company that offers unparalleled customer support-

  • With a proven track record in this field, the outsourced call center must be aware of the latest real estate trends to enlighten audiences with the correct information. Besides, their ability to handle clients’ queries, schedule appointments, and analyze data should be unfailing. 
  • Despite being an external entity, your outsourcing partner should adhere to your company policy without compromising service quality. Furthermore, they should take care of clients’ sensitive information carefully without any data breach.
  • In terms of call center outsourcing, look for their technological infrastructure. They should offer foolproof call management systems with access to advanced data analysis software.
  • Language, time, and place shouldn’t be an issue in terms of offshore outsourcing. The call center must be available to attend inbound/outbound calls anytime with a multilingual approach.
  • Last but not least, brief your business needs precisely to get a clear idea about the cost. The operation cost must be justified by their tailored services.

What We Offer in Virtual Fellows

As an experienced customer support provider for real estate, we take pride in offering unmatched outsourcing services to realtors in streamlining their business operations.

Our wide range of real estate outsourcing services includes:

  • Handling inbound and outbound calls
  • Help desk support 
  • Live chat support
  • Email support service etc.

Here’s how we ensure smooth call center operation for our real estate clients:

1. Taking incoming calls from clients and gathering necessary information on their respective issues.

2. Collecting information from the database to answer their inquiries. 

3. For additional support, we deliver clients’ calls to senior agents.

4. Documenting the entire process for future reference.

5. Making outbound calls to market the company’s service, or to conduct surveys for lead generation. 

6. Maintaining accurate call statistics. 

7. Updating customer databases regularly. 

8. Collaboration with different departments within the company to ensure optimized customer service.

9. Ongoing training for the staff to adapt to changes within the system. 

10. Using the latest technology to minimize unanswered calls along with preserving callers’ information. 

11. Saving time and money for real estate business owners by offering our cost-effective and customized service plans.

So what are you waiting for? Explore our call center services today to accelerate your real estate marketing campaign by reaching wider audiences. With Virtual Fellows, Promoting your property listing to potential clients is just a call away.

Need customized support? Call us at +16507815792 or email at We will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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