Pursue your sales effectively by outsourcing cold-calling services to stay ahead in the game

Have you just launched an awesome product or service but can’t seem to increase sales high enough? It’s frustrating to chase sales instead of closing the deals for your business and still not getting the desired results. Don’t worry; we have a solution for you with our cold calling service.

Focus on production and marketing, and let us fill your sales pipeline.

Our experienced cold callers act like your sales crew, setting meetings with interested potential customers who are ready to hear about your incredible offerings.

Cold Calling

Benefits you get from our Cold Calling Services

outsourced cold-calling services

No need to waste time dialing phones yourself to generate leads. Our cold-calling services are here to get most of your chasing done. Here’s how you can benefit from us with cold calling services

Experience You Can Trust

All our cold-calling experts boast over 3 years of experience and deep knowledge across various industries, including SaaS, finance, real estate, tech, e-commerce, and many more. They understand your market and can tailor their approach to persuade the prospects and turn them into leads.

Cost-Effective Growth

Although cold calling's effects may have faded over time, it is still an effective method for generating leads. However, having a dedicated, salaried, in-house cold-calling team is not worth it anymore. Outsourcing cold-calling services is the best way to ensure a positive ROI.

Bypass Strict Labor Laws

Most Western countries have very strict labor laws that become an issue when you try to get cold-calling services. But when you outsource cold calling services from us, you won’t have to bother about them.

Proven Success

We're confident in our team's ability to connect. Our battle-tested strategies and highly skilled reps consistently deliver impressive results. Cold calling might be evolving, but it's still a powerful tool, and we're the best at wielding it.

Turning Cold Calls Into Hot Leads and Appointments: How We Do It

Understanding how crucial lead generation is for the whole sales funnel, we have employed most of our strengths to support this. We have a team of seasoned cold callers who grasp your requirements immediately and start working on it to provide results. 

Our energy and dedication to making many calls to achieve the maximum success rate have never failed. The final stage of our lead generation is setting up an appointment for your sales team so they can close the deal. 

Here’s a breakdown of our proven cold-calling process for generating qualified leads and setting appointments

Step 1: Equipping our reps

The first step we take towards generating leads through cold calls is to equip our reps with the necessary knowledge. We train them thoroughly about your product and your ideal customer profile. Here, they learn and understand everything about the features, benefits, and how the product solves your ideal customer’s challenges. They are also trained to understand audience pain points, industry trends, and buying behaviors.

Step 2: Crafting and testing the pitch

Once we have equipped them with all the information, we then work on developing a perfect pitch. We craft the pitch to tailor it to your specific value proposition and ideal customer profile. The scripts work like springboards to have a natural conversation so we can adjust based on a prospect's unique needs. After successfully crafting the pitch, we conduct mock calls with our reps. This is a great way to evaluate their understanding of your product, communication skills, and ability to handle objections. We will refine the scripts and SDR approach with your feedback until you are completely satisfied.

Step 3: Starting the hunt

With your approval and a clear understanding of your product and target audience, our SDRs dive into high-volume outbound calling campaigns. Every call is fueled by their full energy and dedication to securing qualified leads. All our SDRs are trained to start and end the call with the same energy and excitement throughout the campaign.

Step 4: Handling the call

When the call starts, our SDRs should focus on understanding the prospects' situations and determining whether they fit your product well. Once they are sure about the prospect, they approach them with a value proposition perspective, addressing how your product can help them. They often face objections, but their years of experience have given them the perfect preparation to handle objections. With their thorough knowledge of your product, they are always ready to talk about common concerns and have a persuasive response ready.

Step 5: Securing the goal

Our expert SDRs can quickly identify and pick buying signals from the prospects during the call. Whenever they find the perfect opportunity, they guide the qualified leads toward the next step: scheduling a demo, consultation, or setting an appointment with your sales team. Ready to get your appointment set? Give us a call today!

Why Choose Us?

Virtual Fellow is a passionate team of professionals dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Our core values are included in all our services, giving us a unique identity that surpasses our competition. Here’s why we can be the best fit for your business.

In-depth cold-calling knowledge

All our reps have mastered the core of cold calling. They know how to start a call, deliver the pitch, and easily pass any gatekeeper. Their understanding of the psychology of cold calling enables them to easily build rapport with prospects. The end result is either you get your products sold, or you get an appointment.

Get value for money service.

Hiring an entry-level US sales rep can cost around $15 per hour. But with us, you pay just $8 per hour, almost half the amount, while getting the same level of expertise. In a way, you get the best of all worlds, whether it be quality, affordability, or efficiency, we don’t disappoint you.

A large number of calls with the same enthusiasm

The most impactful strength we have is our ability to make large numbers of calls without getting tired or losing even a hint of energy. We ensure that every call we make is done with the same energy and dedication as the first one. For us, every call counts, and every call is the first call of the day.

Clear and Proficient English

What makes our SDRs great for global service is that all of them are highly proficient in English without even having to use an accent. We don’t have to rely on an accent to convey the message. Our strategies can get the job done for us with simple communication.

A collaborative approach to success

Our cold-calling services follow a collaborative approach where we want your insights and input throughout the process. We don’t use generic cold-calling scripts to get the job done. Our approach is to learn about you, your product, your target, and your goals and then tailor a solution specifically effective for you.

Impeccable Data Security

We have always been strict and sincere about our client's data security. Our expert IT team is always there to ensure your data isn’t breached or leaked at any cost.

Words from our clients

Learn the experiences of our clients in their words

business outsourcing

Lucas Sunners

''Everything looks great so far. I messaged them, asking about some specific lead types, and they responded very quickly and delivered exactly what I asked. Excited to start working with the''

''Hello! I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for how wonderful it has been collaborating with you. Your positive attitude, exceptional communication skills, and willingness to go above and beyond have made our working experience truly enjoyable. I truly admire your professionalism and expertise and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future''

business outsourcing

William Anivitti

Want more sales and fewer calls? Try us

Virtual Fellows offers a variety of cold-calling solutions designed for your specific needs and budget. Let’s talk about how we can help you expand your sales growth.

Virtual Fellows Cold Calling Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. 100% quality is our commitment to all our clients. That’s why we have a thorough recruitment process to find cold-calling experts with excellent proficiency in effective communication and extensive sales knowledge.

We have a team with experience and expertise across various industries. Whether it be the tech industry, real estate, startups, or e-commerce, we’ll tailor our approach to connect with your target audience.

Yes! We provide regular reports with key metrics to track progress and measure success. You can simply contact your dedicated manager, who will update you regarding the progress of your project. We believe you will see the results in your sales as well.

The security of your data is our topmost priority. We follow strict security protocols to keep your information confidential. You will never have to worry about your data getting breached or stolen at any point in time.

Getting started with us is the simplest thing you will ever do. Reach out to us using our website or simply by email. We will respond and set up an appointment for the services. Once we understand your needs, we will give you a convincing and satisfying quote. 

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